Clash of Cops

FIRST RELEASE - Thursday, March 15th, 12:33am.

Our first Unity game we put together.  It's a turn-based shooter called Clash of Cops.  The purpose of this project was to learn the inner workings of Unity's game engine.

We had a few difficulties getting the game out:

1. Scene work and Asset creation were the most complicated because all four of us were pure programmers at heart.

2. Source control was difficult to manage with all of us being new to Unity.  We found out a way to work together by creating all objects as Pre-fabs and committing them in sync with the Scene.

3. Build errors occurred both with going to WebGL as well as across Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Thank you for playing!  Please leave feedback to help us get better.  We are aiming to release much better games in the future.  Thank you for the support!


Clash of Play in browser
Mar 15, 2018

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